Our Story

Loving to Learn, Living to Play

Our Mission

At KC Cubs, we believe our future is brighter when children thrive. We understand that education is an important part of childhood, but we also take playtime seriously.

Our world has changed a lot over the last few decades – and it’s time that children’s products catch up. There’s no doubt that technology has become a staple in homes and classrooms around the world, but that doesn’t mean that other areas of our lives shouldn’t advance and evolve, too. That’s why KC Cubs is committed to creating modern products for children that take into account the realities of the world around them.

We strive to make each of our products relatable, engaging and most importantly fun!

Each of our products is designed to keep young children engaged in play. At KC Cubs, we think outside of the box, offering them opportunities to learn in an environment where imagination is boundless.


According to recent reports, the average attention span for young children today is 10 minutes. It’s our goal to make the most of the time we have with children, developing products that are engaging but without being overwhelming. We follow three guiding factors when creating new products:

Keep it simple
Make it fun and engaging
Create opportunities for learning
Our Mission

So, whether you’re a parent of a toddler or a preschool teacher, we’re designing products with you, and the children you love, in mind.

From learning letters and shapes to being introduced to math fundamentals and the animal kingdom, KC Cubs is here to provide endless opportunities for learning, playing, and growing.

To teach children to be passionately curious about life is one of the best ways to instill a love of learning. When children learn through play, they do so much more than just memorize and repeat.

When children learn through play, they:

Increase cognitive and motor skills
Develop better speech, language and listening skills
Improve social skills and enjoy better relationships

Our children are our future. And, at KC Cubs, we believe giving children the tools they need to succeed is the best invesment we can make in tomorrow. Join us!

Our Story

In 2015, KC Cubs was founded by two childhood best friends, Kevin and Cooper. Kids at heart, Kevin and Cooper were inspired to create a brand that would take the toys and games they loved the most when they were growing up, updating them so that they felt at-home in today’s
modern world.

And it all started with a rug…

Our Story
Our Storry

Remember those road rugs you could run cars on as a kid? So did Kevin. One day, while looking for that same rug for his nephew, Kevin realized that the road rug he thought was so cool as a kid didn’t have the same appeal today. While the idea was still a good one, something about the design and material of the rugs he found just didn’t fit the bill.

That’s when he called Cooper.

On a mission to create educational, interactive, fun rugs that were educational and up-to-date, Kevin and Cooper got to work, enlisting the help of Kevin’s wife, an elementary school teacher and a big-time believer in the power of learning through play.

Our Community

Parents, teachers and schools love introducing their children to KC Cubs!

From small rugs designed specifically for apartments to large area rugs perfect for living spaces and classrooms, KC Cubs will instantly make your room feel fun and inviting for young children.

Our customers tell us again and again how much they love KC Cubs – and this feedback is inspiring us to grow and expand our global reach. Right now, we’re busy making new products just for your favorite little tike.

Here are just a few of the products our community L O V E S!

  • KC CUBS Kev & Cooper Playtime Collection ABC, Numbers and Shapes Educational Area Rug


  • KC Cubs Playtime Collection Dinosaur Dino Safari Road Map Educational Learning


  • KC CUBS Playtime Collection Animal Safari Road Map Educational Learning and Game Area


  • KC CUBS Playtime Collection Girls Road Map Educational Area Rug


  • KC CUBS Playtime Collection USA United States Map Educational Learning & Game Area Rug


Our future

As we continue to grow KC Cubs, we constantly look to our own children and our community for inspiration. We can’t wait to introduce you to our latest products! Our goal is to become a household and classroom staple for new parents and teachers around the world. And, as we prepare ourselves for this major growth, we also are reminded of where it all starts:

One home, one child, one incredible opportunity to learn through play.

Our process

All of our KC Cubs products are initially designed and developed right here in the United States. We pay close attention to the quality of materials used as well as the craftsmanship. We are dedicated to ensuring that the factories we work with are safe and healthy for the employees who work there. Before releasing any of our new products to the KC Cubs community, they have to pass rigorous testing and inspection.

This process includes:

  • Making sure the product and design is something we personally would want in our home or in our child’s classroom
  • Ensuring that every product is safe for all members of the family, especially the littlest who will spend their time with KC Cubs up close and personal
  • Redesigning as needed in order to make products engaging, fun and practical
  • Integrating the needs of adults with the needs of children, never sacrificing or compromising one for the other
  • Quality testing our products to make sure they hold up inside, outside and even with rough daily use